Selected Contributions (2019)

Accepted papers

1 M2U-Net: Effective and Efficient Retinal Vessel Segmentation for Real-World Applications Tim Laibacher (Idiap Research Institute); Tillman Weyde (City, University of London); Sepehr Jalali (University College London)
2 Intersection to Overpass: Instance Segmentation on Filamentous Structures with an Orientation-aware Neural Network and Terminus Pairing Algorithm Yi Liu (University of Delaware); Abhishek Kolagunda (University of Delaware); Wayne Treible (University of Delaware); Alex Nedo (University of Delaware); Jeffrey Caplan (Delaware Biotechnology Institute); Chandra Kambhamettu (University of Delaware)
3 Automated Segmentation of the Vocal Folds in Laryngeal Endoscopy Videos using Deep Convolutional Regression Networks Ali S Hamad (University of Missouri-Columbia); Megan Haney (University of Missouri-Columbia); Teresa Lever (University of Missouri-Columbia); Filiz Bunyak (University of Missouri-Columbia)
4 Surface parameterization for statistical multiscale atlasing of organ development Faïçal Selka (INRA); Philippe Andrey (INRA); Jasmine Burguet (INRA); Eric Biot (INRA); Patrick Laufs (INRA); Thomas Blein (IPS2)